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The Gaslight Anthem

Give me mercy and a minute now.
I’ma bleed a little poison out.
I’ma cry a little river down,
then I’m setting this whole thing on fire.
And I’m burning up the night she died.
I’m putting every last picture aside,
I’m gonna say what I need to say.
In my very last letter to you
'Cause you always made it clear,
said you’d never be my pain.
So here’s to you and your bright baby blues,
just a pause to cool the refrain.
And you said were satisfied,
that this body just weighted the tide.
And that you missed him sometimes,
but you said it's all right,
its just a whole lot harder alone.
But I wish you knew her now.
She’s the better side of me now.
I’m doing the best I can.
That's what you'da wanted.
And I see like you were there.
I know just how you'd smile.
Mary, you looked just like, it was 1930 that night.
But hear the days will eat you alive,
but I won’t give in tonight.
You said its not worth my time,
and not to regard them.
And not to settle just for piece of mind,
I could wait it out all night,
If I just keep breathing
But Mary, I found the sound,
and if this heart keeps pouring it out,
The glory hasn't come,
and it's probably gonna fade,
like a tattoo that hides this shame.
But reasons always fade.
The pain gives out some day.
So I’m saying my goodbyes to your deep blue eyes,
cause I don’t know how say, to stay still in the pain.
"Stay still in the pain."

And if I recall the last thing you said to me,
before it broke up.
Before it took you from me.
You said I love you more than the stars in the sky,
but your name just escapes me tonight.
(Nobody does it like you anymore)
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