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25 Degrees North
The Broadways

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Lyrics by The Broadways

  15 Minutes   2Nd Grade Cells   A Wonderful Guy -South Pacific   Ben Moves To California   Broadway And Briar   Castle On A Cloud- Les Miz   Cinderella- Stepsisters Lament   Corner Of The Sky   Daddy's Son   Daddy's Son   Dropjaw   Every Story Is A Love Story   Everything I Ever Wanted To Know About Genocidei L...   Floundering   Fuck The Church   Hair   Handful Of Songs   Happy Talk - South Pacific   Honey Bun -South Pcific   I Hear Things Are Just As Bad Down In Lake Erie   I Think I Shall Never See   Into The Woods - A Very Smart Prince   Into The Woods - Act I Finale: Ever After   Into The Woods - Act II Prologue: So Happy   Into The Woods - Agony I   Into The Woods - Agony II (Reprise)   Into The Woods - Any Moment   Into The Woods - Ciderella At The Grave   Into The Woods - Finale: Children Will Listen   Into The Woods - First Midnight   Into The Woods - Giants In The Sky   Into The Woods - Hello Little Girl   Into The Woods - I Guess This Is Goodbye   Into The Woods - I Know Things Now   Into The Woods - It Takes Two   Into The Woods - Last Midnight   Into The Woods - Maybe They're Magic   Into The Woods - Maybe They're Magic   Into The Woods - Moments In The Woods   Into The Woods - No More   Into The Woods - No One Is Alone   Into The Woods - Prologue Act I   Into The Woods - Stay With Me   Into The Woods - Witche's Lament   Into The Woods - Witche's Lament   Into The Woods - Your Fault   It Was Pancho Villa   Jonathan Kozol Was Right...   Lake Michigan   Light My Candle   Little Shop Of Horrors   Mama Mia   Memory   New Music   One Man Board Of Directors   One Man Board Of Directors   One Song Glory   Pippin- Glory Part I   Police Song   Ragtime-Buffalo Nickel Photoplay, Inc.   Ragtime-Gliding   Ragtime-He Wanted To Say   Ragtime-Make Them Hear You   Ragtime-Our Children   Ragtime-The Night That Goldman Spoke At Union Squa   Red Line   Rent   Rent- La Vie Boheme   Restless   Seasons Of Love   The Kitchen Floor   The Nautical Mile   The Pope Of Chili-Town   This Routine   Under My Belt   Upton   We'll Have A Party   We'll Have A Party   What Happened?   What You Own - Rent