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Black Tie
Grady Drugg

All the melodies have left my head
They've abandoned me and left me for dead
I'll be standing here until the day is done
I hope to God it's not the only one (that I've got left)
I don't know why I sigh
There's no tears up in my eyes
I got out of bed today and I still have no clue why

All the empathy had quickly left my heart
You might even say it was a work of art
But now I've lost my sense and my former state of mind
I'm feeling lonely all the time
I'll put on my black tie
But I wont see eye to eye
I still went to work today and I still have no clue why

Let's help each other
And let's try to help ourselves
It's the only way to stay away
From the all-too-familiar Hell
These people all surround me
And in unison we cry,
"So help us, God,
We're gonna lose our jobs
And we still have no clue why."

I like to live, even though it gets tough
But you can't just say, "Enough is enough."
I'm leaving here and I'm going out west
My discontent will never be expressed
I just can't seem to cry
I'm gonna let it pass me by
I feel so bad today, but I still have no clue why

I'm a hypocrite, my time is running out
I don't "got time," what was I talking about?
She held my hand and quickly ran away
And I couldn't remember the words I had to say
What are you trying to imply?
We already said goodbye
She ripped my soul apart, but I still have no clue why

You always gotta give
You gotta live how you want to live
It's the only way to stay away
From being passive-aggressive
Something has gone awry
I feel like I might die
I've got no wealth and I'm in poor health but I've still got no clue why
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Lyrics by Grady Drugg