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Bun Bad Mind
Elephant Man

Bomb a drop, scobaay away, bomb a drop Run for cover save Yuh mama
Yuh too bad mind (rept 3) alright then Christian dip (rept.4)
Shingle dips (rept.4) inna spirit (rept.2) praise the lord (rept.2)

We bun bad mind for we hypocrites can't stay Yuh too bad mind (rept.3)
So we draw our line and tell Satan scobaay Yuh too bad mind (rept.3) Kiss the cross and touch the sky Christian dip, rival dip, Christian dip, Rival dip
All bad mind things must stop we a bun out bad mind
Yuh too bad mind (rept.3)
We a bun out bad mind Yuh too bad mind (rept.2) A weddi, a weddi, a weddi, a weddi

Verse 1
Rebuke them, rebuke them, them no like we and we no like them (rept.2)
Trample them, trample them we no care if a the devil sent them (rept.2) everybody God time, God time we want to see everybody hold the God line (rept. 2) If you a Satan please don't join. Praise the Lord, praise the Lord praise the man
Although time hard praise the Lord, praise the Lord no devil worshipper can't come inna mi yard.

Repeat Chorus
Verse 2
Every weapon that rise against me shall fall
Brim stone and fire a wey we put over the wall Father God sey we fi preach it like Paul slew heathen like
Goliath and Saul (mi can't believe) small axe mek big tree fall
(Mek a call) unanswered God call Make a joyful noise to the Lord unto the Lord Mek a joyful noise
He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high shall, forever
Live and never die passion of the Christ that mek me start cry (is a shame) When mi see peter deny, Judas betray the most high that's why We no beg friendship and friendship we no buy nuff a them no miss the
World until it run dry, keep it jiggy mi a look to the sky.

Repeat Chorus
Yuh too bad mind (rept. 2) we a bun bad mind for we hypocrites can't stay.
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