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Chevy Woods

I don't really gotta say it but uh

Real shit

You know, some of the shit I'd say, you niggas wouldn't believe it

I mean, if I showed you in your face, you wouldn't believe it

Me and my niggas been gettin' to this money

This really ain't nothin' new

Get into this money, still perfecting the flow

You see me, I'm a G, you got a couple letters to go

If I'm cookin' and rockin' added it up to dope

With the steps on the back was gettin' so much of it out it

Couldn't get better than that

Threw all my boots and Cole had that work in the cold

And never did I do business with any niggas who told

My niggas live by the code, we ain't seen it or heard it

When you talkin' 'bout money you gotta know how to word it

Been on the road for a while, them sacrifices, I made 'em

Oh, you don't see what I'm doin', I guess your vision is jaded

Gotta get it and save it, stack it up and invest it

Well I come from the jungle and all my niggas, they wrestlers

Wouldn't change it for shit at all, like who need a court that balls?

That Ray told me time is money, I put this verse on my dog

And put it out on my gang, cause yea, they my niggas fo' sure

Fuck them niggas hatin' cause we don't do this shit fo' show

(They wanted to rob a dude, in them circumstances I had to hustle)

Yea nigga, fuck these niggas know about your dad bein' gone, nigga?

(They wanted to rob a dude, in them circumstances I had to hustle)

Fuck you niggas know about that?

Fuck you niggas know about?

(They wanted to rob a dude, in them circumstances I had to hustle)

The same shit you sellin' is the same shit your uncle overdosed on, nigga

It's real shit, 4800, I'll find a jungle for real my nigga

(They wanted to rob a dude, in them circumstances I had to hustle)

I swear this shit ain't made up, at night way when I wait up

Moms ain't know I was bakin', I was tryna get my cake up

Yea, them old niggas, they had cars that I wanted

And I ain't need advice, I just need to get up on it

I befriended a couple niggas just south of the coo

But had to separate cause they ain't move, I move

I'm feet first to the pavement and my niggas know that

And I can't lie, I had dreams of the go back

But what example would I be settin' for all who follow?

When that pain set, I'm in need of that bottle

Damn, a lot of shit hurt me just the same

I'm just speakin' for my niggas cause they feel the same

Yea, that money callin' and I'm pickin' up

I gotta do this, business bus so I don't give a fuck

If you mad at me, what the fuck you think?

I just got it full by mines, I just got to be

(They wanted to rob a dude, in them circumstances I had to hustle)

That's real shit man

Fuck you niggas know about?

(They wanted to rob a dude, in them circumstances I had to hustle)

Dirty ass bitch playin' both sides

You know what I'm sayin'?

(They wanted to rob a dude, in them circumstances I had to hustle)

Aye, your cousin got caught up in some bullshit

(They wanted to rob a dude, in them circumstances I had to hustle)

And he the only family you know

The fuck you know about that?

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