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Fuck Up Da Fun
Asher Roth

Who want it?

Who-who want it?

3-4-5 in the door for 20

Tell grandma Imma need more money

Gonna catch you wide eye little Steve bull shitting

Ready, steady, chase like I'm shitting

Gotta make a move like I need a new tenant

Started with a tomb and the whole room pegging out

One two school, that is one too many

Ready ready, now I'm gonna sweat it

Keep me outside, Imma come back dreading

When I think bright's why, now what

Bullet, bullet, bang bang bullet

Look at that rang, gonna slice that bullet

Wanna gang bang, want a pink thing

Call it with a big gang bang with strains like a mullet

Mullet mullet, boy looking here

One time boy he's boarding the gym

Whatcha got for, what's important to the gym

I'm imported by Jordan recording the gym

Cork to the wind, cork to the grim

Enjoying the cord and store to the Zen

Thought I adorned the store young men

When you thrive when I work New York in a cent

Down in the South I'm browsing about

In the times I'm bound to cow to a mouse


4000 an ounce

Now's for the...stick around for the fowl

Arousing around, you could tell how I tell

And I bump 2-3-4-5 and result

Shout this out

Let's go in

You know what I'm...to the floor

With two left foot

I stand with a sword making nuance cut

Making men on the shore, got his two bands cup

God damn so pure only two bump chop

No Zanax the poor I don't blast up

Imma Santa sword, blood lust

Rock friends and you do that up

Too messed up

Understand it's a shame your friend's a no no

Me and these rap games

It's like C and Coco

Waiting for the shows doing jams and go go

For those who don't know it

It was ropes and gobo

Houses go broke, but the blot don't know

Show's a bozo, but oh you do do do

You so low but impose the grope low

You blow flow, I flow pro bono

You two don't getcha confused

I bruise if you bruise

You bruise like prune juice

Lose a tooth proof

And all you proof truth

'Cause all this new bruise

And rooter's new bruise they do like who's who

And boobs is what I do

Do enthusiast and movies when I come through

Show the true me in and evolution

Tell me the truth now me and...

We're gonna be rude

And fought over a dog

Thanks a lot dog and when they say you a frog

Ask a shot making strangers say

Then take our best men and lay them up in the sun

Ain't never saw a parade in a thong

And I pray for the day these stripes in the sun

Changing the game then thank when I'm gone

One thing straight and I'm great when I'm yours

Hella strong

Pretty huge biceps

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