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Genius Of Love
Tom Tom Club

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Lyrics by Tom Tom Club

  (C'Mon) Surrender   As Above, So Below   As the Disco Ball Turns   As the Disco Ball Turns [Album Version]   Atsababy!   Bamboo Town   Booming & Zooming   Booming and Zooming   Call of the Wild   Challenge of The Love Warriers   Daddy Come Home   Dangerous Dub   Dangerous Dub [*]   Dark Sneak Love Action   Dogs in the Trash   Don't Say No   Femme Fatale   Genius of Love [Extended Mix][Version]   Genius Of Love [Live]   Genius of Love [Long Version][*]   Genius of Love 2002   Holy Water   Innicent Sex Kiss   Irresistible Part Dip   Kiss Me When I Get Back   L'elephant   Let There Be Love   Little Eva   Lorelei   Lorelei [Album Version] [Version]   Love Wave   Magic Carpet Ride   Measure Up   My Mama Told Me   Never Took a Penny   ON THE LINE AGAIN [CLOSE TO THE BONE]   On, on, on, on...   Pleasure of Love   Pleasure of Love [Instrumental Version] [Instrumen...   Say I Am   SHE BELONGS TO ME [On CD only]   She's A Freak   Shock the World   Suboceana   Suboceana [Live]   Sunshine & Ecstasy   Sunshine And Ecstasy   Superdreaming   Sweet Satisfaction   The Man With The 4 - Way Hips   The Man With The 4-Way Hips   This Is a Foxy World   Time to Bounce   Time to Bounce   Under the Boardwalk   Under the Boardwalk [*]   Wa Wa Dance   Who Feelin' It (philip's Psycho Mix)   Who Wants an Ugly Girl?   Who Wants an Ugly Girl? [Extended Album Version]   Wordy Rappinghood   Wordy Rappinghood [Live]   You Sexy Thing   You Sexy Thing [Album Version]   You Sexy Thing [Deep Bass]   You Sexy Thing [Extended Album Version]   You Sexy Thing [Lost in Bass]

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