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Chris Webby

[Feat. Tim Gallo, Sam Davies]


I love girls,

What's the matter with that?

And they like me back

As a matter of fact.

See I'm at the bar

Grabbing a drink,

Give 'em a wink.

If she smiles

I'll be over there quick as an eye blinks.

And I think you lookin' real sexy, yo.

If you wanna hit the dance floor,

Let me know.

I'm already thinkin' about hittin' it

Or licking it like licorice.

Wishin' the perfect image

It change up the sun into me.

Your style,

Girl I'm diggin' it.

She stay fly

And if she got the fresh kicks on

I gotta say hi.

I be


Skilled with the rhythm

Don't try me.

Step up in the club,

No I.D.

Like I don't give a fuck

That I'm 19.

Find me at the bar doin' work,

Lookin' for the girl here with the shortest skirt.

Now go back forth,

Right left,

Pull it,

Push till you're running out of breathe

With me.

Stay grindin' on the dance floor.

Stay grindin' on the dance floor.

Back forth,

Left right,

Grab it,

Tongue goin' at it all night

With me.

Stay grindin' on the dance floor.

Stay grindin' on the dance floor.

Screamin' Ay Bay Bay

In the club

So make way.

Just had a pay day,

Ya need vajayjay,


Now y'all ain't ready for this,

Girl so just stop.

Take a break real quick.

Not smoother,


But my game's still sick.

I'll make Tila Tequila stick to the dick.

Listen to this;

Hip-hop song soon as I enter.

For stop on the list,

To the closest bartender.

Checkin' on the list

As to find me a chick.

After I sing right out my peoples

And drank a bit.

Taking shot after shot after shot after shot.

If I got money,

Then why not?

I got lyrics,

And rhyme hot.

I got the hottest bitches on campus on my-


'Cause it's all about the sex man,

Just jump on the dance floor

And grind like an X-Game.

Now go back forth,

Right left,

Pull it,

Push till you're running out of breathe

With me.

Stay grindin' on the dance floor.

Stay grindin' on the dance floor.

Back forth,

Left right,

Grab it,

Tongue goin' at it all night

With me.

Stay grindin' on the dance floor.

Stay grindin' on the dance floor.

One time

And two steppin',

I'm two steppin'.

I rhyme with perfection,

I grind with aggression.

I'm from behind

On the side in resection.

Got it on her mind,

But the grind's my profession.

If she get blogded

Cup a wine for refreshment.

On the dance floor

Tryin' to find a contestant.

So try to find a contestant,

What a shame

Even if you're fine

You're a freshman.

Three of four options,

Never nothing less than.

Dimes do it

Never find my dimension.


Eights and nines,

And two or three sevens,

And if you line 'em up

It's booty meet heaven.

A couple shots here and there

Feeling invincible.

Mami over there

And her friend's irresistible.

I scored 3,

And called it the hattrick,

The transition from the dance floor

To my mattress.

Just grind with me,

Yeah, grind with me.


Drop it to the floor

Girl, grind with me.

Just grind with me,

C'mon and grind with me.

If you hustle on my rocket

And you grind with me.

Now, grind with me.

C'mon and grind with me.

My sexy women and the bar

Just grind with me.

Now grind with me,

Get on your grind with me.

Who can grind with me?

Now baby grind with me.


I'm feelin' good.

Stay on that grind, baby.

But you got a bag full of dubs in your pocket,

And a fat ass baggin' all up on your shit,

Stay grindin'.


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