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Hello World
Andy Mineo


Andy: Dang, man. Wish my roommates would turn down the TV! Tryna record

Andy's Roommate: Shutup! Turn your music down! Dang!

[Verse 1]

Hello world, ain't no friend of ya

So quit with all the smiles, I won't bend for ya

I'm walking straight, better now than never

I guess I started late, now my heart's awake

When did this all begin?

I guess it's hard to say

All I really know is that something happened inside of me

And it was not my own, I was chosen

Now I'm flipping paper for the prophets

I ain't talking about how my pockets grown

Not the paper with the dead people faces

Talking about them dudes that I read in them pages

Now I'm seeing clear, but I ain't got Lasik

I’m thinking about my past, I never shoulda made it!

But God in His grace saw it fit to come and snatch me up

I draw the line in the sand, no I ain't backing up


Back in the days I was acting up

You know when communion came, your boy had to pass the cup

Pass the bread too, sin I was still in

Offering went in the plate, my condoms almost fell in

Outside I’m feeling cool, inside I'm yelling

Outside looking free, inside's like a felon

Doing time for rebelling

Enslaved to that sin, that I was dwelling in

Bought the lie they were selling like

Go, get as many girls as you can

And get it out of your system now so you'll put a ring on that hand

Down the line when you're thirty

After you had like thirty different women

They so perty, feeling clean, getting dirty, yuck!

Now what a lie from the mouth of Satan

Let’s use logic for verifying these statements

Well, you keep chasing them you’ll only want more

Sin is never satisfied, boy we at war with ourselves

You ever wanted something so bad it was all you could think about

Yo you had to have it

Then you finally get it, you like it for a minute

But, then your eyes pivot

Now you're onto something different

We got God-sized longings

Why you try to fill em with them things that you can’t take with you in the coffin?


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