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I\'m A Flirt
Trey Songz

[R. Kelly]
I'm a, I'm a, I'm a, I'm a flirt

[Chorus: R. Kelly]
Soon as I see her walk up in the club, I'm a flirt
Winking eyes at me when I roll up on them dubs, I'm a flirt
Sometimes when I'm with my chick on the low, I'm a flirt
And when she's with her man looking at me damn right, I'm a flirt
So homey don't bring your girl to meet me cause, I'm a flirt
And baby don't bring your girlfriend to eat cause, I'm a flirt
Please believe it unless your game is tight and you trust her
Then, don't bring her around me because I'm a flirt

[R. Kelly]
Now swear to tell the truth and the whole truth
When it comes to hoes I be pimpin like I supposed to
Rollin like I supposed to, shinin like I supposed to
In the club fuckin with honies like I supposed to
I don't understand when a nigga bring his girlfriend to the club
Freakin all on the floor with his girlfriend in the club
And wonder why all these players trying to holla at her
Just soon as she go to the bathroom, nigga I'm gon' holla at her
A dog on the prowl when I'm walkin through the mall
If I could man I probably would fuck with all of y'all
Yeah yeah, homey you say she your girlfriend
But when I step up to her I'ma be like cousin
Believe me man this is how them players do it in the Chi
And plus we got them playerette flirters in the Chi
Now the moral of this story is cuff your bitch
Cause hey, I'm black, handsome, I sing, plus I'm rich
And I'm a flirt

[Trey Songz]
Hey we use to play this in the V2 baby that's right
This is The Prince - Songz~!
I'm a cat like me versus a cat like you
I look back like ooh, who you think she gon' choose
It'd be safe to say you lose, cause I'm the type of dude
On the two with the jewel, takin your lady's crew
But I want her and I gotta have her
See me flippin that ass back there
We'll be bangin, exchangin bad words
Spankin, she holla "That hurts!"
So this is what it is if you love yo' chick
Take her home, call it quits
Cause I been drinkin lots of 'gnac
Five shots, maybe six
And she can see the drunk in me (that's right)
And I'm get her drunk for free
When I take her it's gon' hurt

When I, when I, when I
When I pull up to club all the shorties be like, DAMN 28's!
Then I be like girl you know just who I AM, don't hate
See I done fell in love with a stripper y'all
All I do is flirt with her and I get them drawers
And I don't need no help, I got it down pact (down pact)
Teddy Pain was born to flirt now you can't down down that
Now I'ma flirt with her whether I'm in or out of town
That's why they call me Teddy Bend-Er-Ass Down
I be like "Como se llamo, lil' momma me llamo Pain"
What is your name?
I'm feelin your vibe and I'm hopin you feel the same
I'ma wink my eye and let you know I got the game
When I pass by I know exactly what you say
He's so fly, yes he's so cool, heh
Now jey shorty, hey shorty what it do
He mad cause I'm looking but I already fucked her
I got these niggaz mad cause I'm a flirt


[R. Kelly]
Oh, it's the remix
Now if you walk in up in the club with a bad chick
And if she lookin at me then I'm gon' hit
Man jackin for chicks, I tried to quit it
But I'm a playa homet so I had to hit it
While you buyin her drinks in the club
Actin like you in love
Stuntin like you all thug
We was switchin numbers
She lookin at you and I walk by
You turn your head, she wink her eye
I can't help it if she checkin for a platinum type of guy
She be callin me daddy and I be calling her mommy
She be callin you Kelly, when yo' name is Tommy
I don't know what y'all be thinkin when you bring 'em around me
Let me remind you that I am a king of R&B
Do you know what that means?
That means if you love your chick
Don't bring her to the V.I.P.
Cause I might leave wit'cho chick
Just keeping it real my nigga, it's a player's field my nigga
Don't take no bitch to the club when you just met her my nigga
Cause I'ma flirt with her, right
And he gon' flirt with her, right
And if she lickin that good shit
She gon' flirt with her
I'm a flirt

[Chorus] - repeat to fade
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Lyrics by Trey Songz

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