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Ladies And Gentlemen: My Brother, The Failure

He's dead drunk asleep on the side of the road

(No one sees him)

Or passed out on pills in a stranger's room

(She don't know him)

Don't tell his sweetheart he's not coming home

Ladies and gentlemen, this is my blood!

Yeah, my brother's eyes are the same color as mine

Nobody knows if I see it when he says

"Brother look at the shape I'm in, you've got to help me out"

Or when he says

"There's still time left to make amends

You're in my trust, you're in my blood

I just need a friend."

And, "I need fifty bucks to pay off some old debts

(You can spare it)"

Or, "Cover for me while I sort out some shit

(Just this one time)"

He lies

When he opens his mouth the truth never comes out

But I believe it all when my brother says

"Oh have you seen the shape I'm in

It's all because of you."

And he says, "Don't even try to make amends

You're in my thoughts, you're in my blood

Even in my dreams."

He sleeps through the night

Everything is alright

And his teeth are all white

And his face fits the type

Everything he says is true

His girlfriend, she loves him too

But his head starts to hurt and his tie isn't straight

He goes to work early and gets home so late

Lies down in his room

(Go to bed she'll be home soon)

But he wakes with a start and she isn't in bed

So he flies down the stairs past that guy from that band

(Was he wearing her perfume?)

It's all because of you when the mirror says

"Just look at the shape that you're in

I offer you no forgiveness, not even in my dreams"

And the mirror says

"It's far too late to make amends

You've got nowhere left to run."

When the mirror breaks I know which side you're on

I know which side you're on

I know which side you're on

(I know which side you're on)

He sleeps through the night

Everything is alright

And you're teeth are all white

And you're face fits the type

Everything,everything, everything

Everything you say is true

Nothing is real

Am I?

Am I?

Am I on the same side?

Lyrics by Thursday

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