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Lament No. 5
Pizzicato Five

Translators: Sound of Music liner notes (corrected by T.M.)

number five!

anata no koto itsumo
kangaeru tabi ni
nandaka fukôhei na
kanji ga shitchau no

watashi-tachi wa o-tagai ni
koibito no hazu da shi
na no ni itsumo watashi dake
kanashii kimochi na no?

shûkanshi no itsumo
saigo no page no
hoshi uranai ni datte
hora kaite aru no

"konshû no kare wa sukoshi
uwakippoi mitai
betsu ni ki ni shinaide
tsuyoki de inasai"

sore de wa kyô
tetsudatte kureta member wo
shôkai shimasu
tsuda atsutaka
sugawara yûki
mô hitori percussion
kawai michael
satô takeshi
nakayama tsutomu

anata no sei de, hora
hora mimi wo sumasu to
kikoete kisô de

mayonaka no denwa no bell wa
warui news deshô
sonna hazu nai yo ne
tsuyoki de inasai

(mina-san, go-isshoni!)

anata kara no denwa,
date no yakusoku
mo iikagen ni shite

number five!

every time
I think about you
somehow I feel
it's not fair

we are supposed to be lovers
and to be there for each other
yet why is it that it's always me
the one who feels sad?

on the magazine every week
on the last page
look on the horoscope
It says here,

"this week your boyfriend
appears to be flirty.
try not to worry about it
but be optimistic,"

ok so now i'll introduce
the other members
of the band
on the bass
tsuda atsutaka
sugawara yuki
another percussionist
kawai michael
sato takeshi
nakayama tsutomu

because of you, see
I can't sleep
hey, if you listen carefully,
you might hear it

the phone ringing at midnight
must be bad news
it can't be
be optimistic

(ok everybody sing along!)

a phone call from you
asking me on a date
i've had enough
go back to sleep
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