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Ma' Be Easy

yeah, yeah, yeah

[verse 1]

Yo, I ain't got no reason to trick or spend

Mami, I'm the reason the chicks begin cheesein' and snickerin'

Playa like me? every season these chicks have been

Talkin' how I came through the P's in a sicker benz

Heard about the platinum visas the bricker bends

Jewels so icey I need freezers to sitck 'em in

I be's in the keys wit a click of friends

Trees and a liquor blend, I be too queezy and sick to grin

I dont care if a skeezer is thick or thin

It's gon' look like she havin' a seizure I stick it in

Skeos say can I get the keys to ya six again?

After I nut, that's when amnesia be kickin' in

Most broads I done met, ain't see a guy

Who spend a G on gucci T's, five for sweats

I'm what chicks strive to get, I stay in the P.J's

You thinkin (?) i'm talkin' pivate jets, uh


I need the cash in my palm, the ice in my charm - ma' be easy

(Watch it, please)

Wanna lean to the side while I cruise in your ride - ma' be easy

(Put down that cheese)

Gotta have a broad wantin' and let me hold somethin' - ma' be easy

(You get nothin' from me)

You get NOTHIN!

[Verse 2]

So the kid never stresses a female

And if you ask where I live they gon' give you

addresses to e-mail

All that cops can suggest is that he sell

How I'm gon' push it unless it's a v-12

From S's to CL's, I request is (?)

In the head rests his t.v's dwell

They heard how many albums I presses for retail

And they can't get a dime unless it's a weed sale

And lets be real, catch me at the bar wit them crispy bills

Gettin Cris' re-fills, my wrist be chilled

And my wardrobe look like I got an Ice Berg History deal

Still dames have been givin me slow neck

And I don't even know what they real names have been

I feel ashamed to spend, 'cause when it comes to knockin' 'em down

I'm right behind Wilt Chamberlin


Ma you musta had too many weed totes

'Cause I ain't givin' you any weed totes

I'm all about floatin' on them new skinny speed boats

Hundred and somthin wit two skinny deep throats

Winter hit, I'm in a new finny ski coats

See the screens? ain't gotta use any remotes

No more shoppin' sprees I'm rough wit the ends

Keep honeys on their knees, scuffin' they shins

I deal wit nothin but tens

I be the club king wit diamonds shuffling your friends

Chickens get keys, scuffin the benz

Cause they wanna lock me down like I'm Puff in the pens

Snatch any chink blond who feel my link longview

(One try) I ain't tryin to put clinks on you

Hope trickin ain'n one of the things you think John do

Cause thats the way you end up wit a drink on you mami


Fabolous Ma' Be Easy

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