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No Limit Soldiers
Master P

Featuring No Limit's All Stars

(Master P)

Oh yea

It's Christmas time nigga

Well muthafuckin Merry Christmas and New Years nigga (ha ha)

Yall didn't think we was gonna do it again

Hah nigga what

Mp be my name

>From the ghetto to fame

Got them make 'em say ughhh (Ughhh)

Got the world screaming my name

>From every soldier to soldierette

>From every killer to cadet

Playa hatas get wet

Tru niggas march playas step


We Nolimit Soldiers

I thought I told ya

We Nolimit Soldiers

I thought I told ya

No, Nolimit Soldiers

I thought I told ya

We Nolimit Soldiers


I'm a muthafucking No Limit Soldier

It's a mystery (what)

How us young black thugs made history

We be some tru niggas on the rise

And we gonna ball till we fall

Two shots to my dead niggas on the wall

Captain of a bunch a ghetto millionaires on the rise

And much respect like them muthafucking wise guys

Tru tattooed on my back and arm hoe

And represent the south 3rd Ward Calliope


I dropped on the streets

Like cocked 9's or spray painted stop signs

Niggas gettin knock down

Needles in white lines

Second lines pity crimes

Down to a gun call all from a phone call

I done been through it all

Well you forgot my name Fiend

And I don't fuck around

And soldiers show that there bowdy rowdy

When I come around

I'm Mr. Waump Waump

The one tighter than some new J's

Bout getting some to plays

That get me funky for few days


We No, No Limit Soldiers

I thought I told ya

We No Limit Soldiers


Yall remember me I'm the one they call Mr. Magic

Voted least to succeed but I'm back to let cha have it

Now I'm moving on yall can't stop the tank I'm wit

If you fuck wit me be guaranteed bitch that your head gonna split

Ahhhhh shit

Who make yall scream the loudest

Who dought it

That Master P boys get rowdy rowdy and bout it bout it

Respect the tank or get your ass rolled over

By this 200 & 20 lb. 9th Ward bulldozer

(Mr. Serv-On)

You bet its me the only one to spell everything out

The nigga to snatch your muthafucking neck

If you ain't got no muthafucking respect

The soldier that been holding back for years

Cause niggas scared of my muthafucking bite

P done let lossen up the streets

Believe me nigga you ain't leaving this muthafucker till everybody fight

Even if you don't want to

I'ma hit you punch you kick you

I'm the rowdiest muthafucker up in this bitch

And I'll love to get witcha

Fuck you I'm wearing these leather support across my chest

So lower you tens if you don't respect

You know I'm from the 3rd bitch

You gone by casualty bitch

I'ma soldier

(Mia X)

Rounding up my soldiers

Scooping up my warriors

Mobbin with these Nolimit tru shot callers, street brawlers

All the nigga don't fuck around

We ain't gonna tear your club up

But we gonna shut the bitch down

Lyrically I drown soldier hatas

I'm the lady alligator

Take you shake you and bake you

Split your decision maker

Wake up fire starters coming harder

Than your father's fist

Like he caught your mamma's lips around the neighbors dick

It's the same bitch

Yall know her Mama Drama Mia X hoes

You don't want no problems we soldiers


We Nolimit Soldiers

I thought I told ya

We Nolimit Soldiers

I thought I told ya

(Big Ed)

I hit you wit the - left, right, left

Then a roundhouse kick

Nigga make some room back up back up

Bout to get right up in this bitch

Big Ed the (Assassin) watch me get my (Blast On)

Then I (Smash On) with my (Mask On)

Full grown wit the brains blown

>From my infamous spit

Then I fuck the shit out your old lady with my infamous dick

Get 'em up hit 'em up

My entourage in camouflage

When you hear (Ooh Ooh Oh) get the fuck out of dodge

(Silkk the Shocker)

Mista!! N-O-L-I-M-I to the T

Second in command

When I get my demands

The only person that can stop it is P

No tattle tails so many bitches I had to kill

Grabbed my steal soldiers from the heart

No killa boy luck killa in my heart

On the battlefield fuck yall what

Coming through spitting

Coming through hitting

Yall niggas hit the gates

Come through flipping

Picture a nigga

So now I'm coming to get you next

Nigga trained for combat

Bomb on contact we can play fair

Yall been warned sorry ones yall can stay there

You can tell we some soldiers (right, right, right)

You can tell we some soldiers (when I say ahhh)

Everybody starts to fight! Soldiers


We Nolimit Soldiers

I thought I told ya

We Nolimit Soldiers

I thought I told ya

No, No-No Limit Soldiers

I thought I told ya

We Nolimit Soldiers

I thought I told ya


Left right left right

Muthafucker I been tight

Running from the breath fire coming from my windpipe

Bullet wounds pistol play muthafucking fist fight

Happening in the 10 with a muthafucking chim light

There go the tank there come the round

Throwing grenade get on the ground

You might just get up without your head

You looking for trouble you know what you found

Took a long time why you trying to find

These niggas ain't trying to respect our minds

Shooters, stabbers, kickers, and cutters but can't fuck wit us when we


Get you everytime put your foot on the mine

Fling when it highly explode don't matter how you put it when

You are telling a nigga bout me

Let it be known I'm a muthafucking soldier!


We Nolimit Soldiers

I thought I told ya

We Nolimit Soldiers

I thought I told ya

No Nolimit Soldiers

I thought I told ya

We Nolimit Soldiers

I thought I told ya

No Nolimit Soldiers

I thought I told ya

We Nolimit Soldiers

I thought I told ya

(bitch get your mind right)

No Nolimit Soldiers

I thought I told ya

(bitch get your mind right)

We Nolimit Soldiers

I thought I told ya

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Clyde Carson and Eastw...   What They Call Us?   What's Up With That   Whatcha Gon Do?   When They Gone   When They Gone (Radio)   Where Do We Go From Here   Where Do We Go From Here"(feat. Mac, Nas, Sons of ...   Where You From   White   Who Down to Ride   Who Down to Ride"(feat. D.I.G.   Who Got the Fire   Who Them Boyz   Who Want Some   Whoadie Gone   Whole Hood   Why They Wanna See Me Dead   Why They Wanna Wish Death   With Me Part 2   With Me, Pt. 2   With Me, Pt. 2 [Instrumental]   With Me, Pt. II   Wobble Wobble   Wobble Wobble   Woke Up A Millionaire   Woke Up a Millionaire (feat. Deezle)   Would You   Y'all Don't Know   Y'all Don't Know"(feat. 241, Ghetto Commission   Y'all Don't Want None   Y'all Don't Want None"(feat. Mystikal   Yappin   Yappin'   Yea I’m Rich (Feat. Rome) [Prod. By Young Bugatt...   Yeah (feat. Money Mafia) [Bonus]   You a Genius   You Ain’t Gotta Say Too Much (feat. 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