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Outside My Mind | 4-19-2026 | Petty Murphy
Smoke DZA

Part I: Outside My Mind


Person 1: We're on the back of the Cypress Hill ganja bus and we're just gonna do it up like this, we're smokin' some OG

Person 2: Oh this some OG right here? Yeah this my favorite strain. Love me some OG

Person 1: I was gonna ask you that, you know, that was on the list of questions cause I know you're a heavy smoker, I mean, you know, all your mixtapes are uh smoke influenced. You know, obviously you're a connoisseur. What is your favorite strain? You know, like, okay, so we know it's OG. That's my favorite strain too. But let's say, aside from OG, what are the other strains?

Person 2: Aside from OG...


Too much on my mind

I got way too much on my mind

Too much on my mind

I got way too much on my mind

Too much on my mind

I got way too much on my mind


Too much on my mind

My bitch mad at me, said I'm too much on my grind

You a hypebeast nigga, you stuck on the line

It's bacon outside, I don't fuck with the swine

Fam I'd be fucked if I signed

Most of my guys lookin' for out

I'm puffin' on ounce, this indie life is what I'm about

Without any doubt, 60 Lights, I finished with drought

The business route, yeah I figured it out

The bigger the cloud, bigger my house

Shit wavy like Bigga was out

You a hoe, nigga, live in a pout

I'm a resident, I live in her mouth

Backwood rollin' OG and it's stout

Part II: 4-19-2026


Most of the nicest deuce you down south

I'm just a east coast nigga holdin' my crown

West coast vibe out

Fuck up their mind now

Maybe I smoke too much

Maybe I smoke too much


Vote for Bernie

Trees burn like forest fires and stale vaginas

You niggas miners, your lineup is weak

Couple grand if you tryna cop the feet

I'm on the bud, it's still Marley and me

Red fox and Harlem nights, a nigga hardly can see

On my punk smooth shit, blastin' '90s R&B

Stoned like let me be

40 dollar Hennessy

Nerd nigga get his cuts from Lemontree

My MCE still got 10 for me

Free my nigga Retchy P

Black'll be home the summer of '17

Hold your hat cause we gon' get this cream

Fume on naps like several dreams

Until then I'm on this raw

Catch me backdoor, community 54

Part III: Petty Murphy

[Intro: Smoke DZA + Snoop Dogg]

Every day's 4/20, right?

Harlem's finest, the one and only Smoke DZA, aka Smoke Dogg

You understand me? In the buildin'

Oh yeah, we'll holla at you in a minute

Don't touch the dizzle, my nigga, we'll be back in two minutes

Two of my favorite joints right here


Roll another one for the hell of it

Steady beefin' with my bitches

So hard just to find a good therapist

I know, happy wife, happy life

But you know how much hell I get?

But back to the raps cause the subject matter is irrelevant


Separate the pulpous from the princes, that's the principle

Barkin' on my lil' man, he actin' like an imbecile

Took the P4 and the Kindle too

Petty dad, type to poke a knife in the intertube

Make his life miserable, shorty what you livin' through?

I ain't perfect, but what person is?

Stank is greener on the other side 'til you find out what the surface is

What your purpose is?

I'm swimmin' all in the pocket, I'm 'bout to surf in it

Stoner, slash never sober

Slash big chief lower, slash ain't no nigga colder

Notepads for these trash ass niggas, it's over

Kushed God back and glowed up


So don do say, I'm off the D'usse

I could do this every Tuesday

Fuck it, it's every Tuesday

Drop bombs like Baghdad, you play

Kushed God fly low

I'm just tryna get high though


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