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Positively Negative"(feat. King Tee



Positively Negative(feat. King Tee

[King Tee:]

Now let me introduce whose first

The nigga that's been down

with the set since birth

Whatever it was worth

I checked in on the norm

Since a juvenile callin'

Shots in the dorm

Moms said you better get right

Or shake the spot

I chose to break and be a rollin' stone

Like pop

Stashin' the rocks by the gats

With the Gs

So I can talk crazy when the narks yell freeze!

I don't fight the feelin'

Gotta hustle with a passion

Comin' cross state to put you down

With some action

In actuallity I keeps it real in the streets

Remininsin' younger days

Over gangsa ass beats

And I,

Hit the weed

Til myeye balls bleed

While my life is corrupted

By lust and greed

Serve you anything from cocaine

Up to speed

I came with the drank

So here's five on the weed


See kids don't belong

Up in grown folks buisness

The Likwit niggas rollin' through with a thickness

Sickness bear witness

Like tequlla without a chaser

It burns going down

Niggas guarenteed to drown

Legendary sound

From the west coast underground

The mighty King Tee

And Mr. X to the Z, see

Never underestimate the power

Of the X man

Dismantle your plans

Or just catch you with a back hand

Xzbit bring it to you live

With the know how

Cool in a gang

And ain't about to change

My lifestyle

Catchin' bodies in this uphill battle

But Xzibit unravel

Have smoke will travel

I bust Teflon rhymes

Into the crowd, bitch

You anin't Steve Rif

So stop trying to get Loud

You need to pump your brakes to avoid the collision

Xzibit still winnin'

Unanimous decisions

[King Tee:]

It's going down

Once again everybody lay down

Run your money and the jewels

To the front without a sound

The infamous supreme King Tee

Glad to meet ya

Derranged in the mothafuckin' brain

Through ya speaka and hey

I walk around the hood lookin' looped

Strapped like a mothafuckin'

Desert strom troop

Niggas be like King Tila

How you get that Benz?

By sending birds to Oklahoma City

To my friends

I slang my gangsta funk

Through the night

Sometimes I fight

Like I'm the ghost of Eric Wright

Compton is where I dwell

It's like hell

Slangin' the shit that got the smokers

In a spell

And all my homies live lives

Like crooks

Rich and infamous

Hoes wanna look but get shook

Cause we don't trust you hoes

You'll have a nigga fucked up

With a bullet through his clothes

Positively nothings positive

Negativity positively how we live

Positively nothings positive

Negativity positively how we live


Ladies and gentlemen

Undivided attention

Xzibit get you open like Nicole Brown Simpson

It's the...

Most dangerous things next to grizzles

Unsolved mysteries

Xzibit hit you penetentary style

Quick sharp and straight to the neck

I'm heavy on your chest

I'm all up in your life

Like stress

The coast that resides to your left

Whre niggas perpitrate

And catch a fate worse than death

And like Cyanide I'm hard to detect

Got more desighns and stragiht lines

Than an architect

King Tee chapter four

Verse seven reads

Xzibit shall come and break down humanity

Niggas lose ther're sanity

Trying to handle me

Dysfunctional member of the Alkaholik family

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