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ICP (Insane Clown Posse)

featuring Esham

Intro: Violent J

The Time has come for the blood to run into
the streets paved with gold
We have lived in the zoo of the ghetto for so
And like animals we kill each other for the
hatred of others
We must move into the suburbs and punish the
rich for their ignorance
For the horror of death, that is part of our life in
our neighborhood
And give them a taste of the same
And when we kill the governments children
And the streets smell of death
maybe then we will see our situation in a new
And put an end the the chaos in the ghetto
and an end to the killings

Verse one: ViolentJ

Heard whats going on in the free world
Broke out the asylum and killed a girl
Just ta warm u, just to get it on
Cause im gonna be cutting throats till the
break of dawn
Can't nobody get me
I've always been a psycho now they coming
with me
That's straight when we team up
cause I believe every throat deserves a good
Look in my brain its fucking insane
roll around naked in the acid rain
Rich bitch fucka took me for a sucka
Now we killing you instead of killing each other

Walked in the house, shot him in the mouth
Leaned back the head, and pulled the brains
My list are strong its only a saw
The government fronts like they dont know
what is going on
Fuck, ill take the matter in my own hands
Cut ya down cat, cut ya down
Cause i know the rich go jogging
And im waiting in the bushes,axe to the
About 30 or 40 times,psychodelic sick with the
psycho psycho rhymes
But ya keep the killer in one place,
But I'm at ya door, motherfucker have a taste!

Verse two: (Nate The Mack) {Shaggy 2 Dope}

(Fucking you up wont let you pass, fucking you
up, shot you in the ass)
{Jumped out the alleyway with a
muthaphucking battle axe}
{12 dead bodies on the muthaphucking train
(Im sick of this shit i see on the TV,they
showing psychopathics and i see me)
(And ya calling me a homeless hobo,
while I'm laying on my suede couch listening
to mojo)
{Snipe ya in the head from a tower,
or chase ya naked ass clear out the shower}
{Finally catch ya on the block,
take this here gat and shoot ya in the eye}
(Who ya fucking wit governer E?
Don't ya know I'll hang ya dead ass from a tree)

{Then swing ya by ya foot}
{Mister drumma looking bald headed punk
(Stroll to the banquet party)
{Drank all they brew}
(Then shot everybody)
(They set it up wrong,
created the ghetto and thought it wouldn't last
{Thought we'd kill each other off,
didn't think we'd come to the suburbs.jackoff}
(The clowns stick this knife in ya Face)
({Motherfucker, Have a Taste})

Verse three: Jump Steady

In Detroit doing time, time being done
Without not another solution
Without nothing but wicked men
How many muthaphuckas ive know through the
Got they necks blown off or crippled in their
Now iull tell ya cause i been in many Schools
for this
Cause im drawn by the vision and close my
hand into a fist
Raised in the crime with nothing to eat
So my natural instincts to kill in the street
Im going to war and i sent you caution
JumpSteady stepping over the governments
(Take it, Take it farther, take it far)
Dont let them even judge ya, cause you know
who you are
Seems they dont even know about the inner
city crime war
Moneys on the jews in the desert but what the
fuck for
Damn the're stupid,The mine are surrounded
Think i like to pay a lesson to a gallon
And save a human life or two
End this ghetto war for the homies that i once
ya peeping out the barn with ya closed eyes
(Ya peeping out the barn with ya closed eyes
I got a mind killing rage waiting on my change

On the holes on my jacket i craddle my gage
What ya gonna do if i show up at your place
Try to ignore it this time, motherfucker have a

Verse four: Capitol E / Esham

Ya need a spoonful, another wants a little taste

So let me feed you the city like in a steady
Ya wake up to gunfire thining it was a dream
Till ya hear ya neighbors holla and ya young
child scream
Everyday thang, thank it to ya
Just wait till you see that cracka at ya front
door naked
Begging for money, acting like he know ya
Ya slam the door in fear, but some day he'll
show ya
Catch ya at point blank range ya getting
(come up wit it bitch)
Now ya dont know how to act
But that's the life and the experience of a
Happends everyday, one another the other
But the suburb living is high class
With a high class leather city trade with ya ass
And show ya the rough times
Hungry homeless people commiting crime
after crime
And bitches working the pike for dough
Then they run to the rock sella to buy some
rocks slow
And i hear ya making fun of that...
ICP (What's up E) Gets ya bats
It's time for you to crack some necks
And if they dont know now, show them what to
Cause it dont matter the race or the place
Capitol E giving the inner city Taste

Interlude: Violent J

Yea! We heading to Birmingham,gross point
and beverly Hills
I thought you knew, cause we in a devilish

Verse five: Esham

Guess who's rolling with the ICP, That black
devil comming straight from the D
Im heading out to birmingham,to tip off a
And looking for the governer to kill him and i
think i can
Violent J know the way so im gonna getcha
If ya standing in my way im getting wit ya
The black devil, that devil ya dont know
Getting more pussy than Bel Biv Devoe
Hey man do you know my name?

Im down with notics, nuts on train
So give me mine cause it aint about black or
It aint about wrong or right on Devil's night
I burn a cross in ya fucking face
Now homicide's got a new case
So give me a taste

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