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Texas Love
Young Thug

I got more hoes than Kanye West clothes

These bitches swallowin' and jumpin' like a fuckin' toad

Won't kiss your body it's a lot but hate me thats

Bae don't worry bout em I got 'em woah

Fendi with Prada, need no stylists I dress clothes

Dressing stylish and Pat Rileys

I'mma let you ride it while I bite it

Aye baby can we lay up, can we lay up

Black nigga at the court counter there with a mink coat

Got a fat ass and some D cups on

Call her at Popeyes, we can link up later on

Nigga aired out the spot now we can't link later on

I just want to flirt with you, want to flirt with you ya

Took it straight from a boy

Now I don't know what to do with you ya

I don't care what y'all think nigga just do you aye

I would teach you my dawg like I was Blues Clues aye

I just picked a 40 up on the back end

Got lil mama in the room running back in

I just popped a molly now I'm going back in

No features I don't do features

I don't like leeches and I done had enough of these leakers yea

If Texas love was a drug (You'd belong to me)

I said if Texas love was a drug (You'd belong to me)

If Texas, Texas, Texas was a drug (You'd belong to me)

If Texas, Texas, Texas was a drug, drug, drug, drug, drug

Ah goddamn

Sell the fuck out

I mean I wouldn't be able to keep a pack

You know what I'm saying

How you digg that

You can take a ride through the lime light

I can take a ride through the wild life

I can kick game like the Pied Piper

YSL Denzel sniper

Hundred bands in the damn Bible

I got a hundred bodies and they all idols

I first heard that they all 'bout it

But these niggas ain't even fightas

And these niggas ain't even buyers

I heard they leasing everything they ridin' in

And all they kids passed out in the play pen

Made a million dollars I'm amazing

They was popping collars I was patient

That's a massive foul nigga flagrant

Got on hella chains like a slave bitch

And I'm at it never comtemplatin'

Nigga gripping tan up the damn street

R.I.P. to Bankroll Fresh street

Niggas ridin' tan up the S40

The Maserati like the cash dog

When the drought come bring them bands up

I'm in LA bring the plaid out

Put the monkey bitches lookin' sad out

Watch a rich nigga issue cash out

If Texas love was a drug (You'd belong to me)

I said if Texas love was a drug (You'd belong to me)

If Texas, Texas, Texas was a drug (You'd belong to me)

If Texas, Texas, Texas was a drug, drug, drug, drug, drug

I said if Texas love was a drug

I would never give it up

I would do a hundred year 'bout it

Long as it get me right

Long as it get me 'round

I'mma burn the house down

If Texas was a drug

If Texas showed the love

I meant, they showed love so if Texas was a drug

I'd never never share

I want it all in my belly

I wan it all in my neck

I want it all in my hair

I want it all on my bae

I want it all in my spot

I want it all in the mansion

I want fuck on your thot

Your baby momma at the spot

You was tripping 'cause I had your baby momma at the spot

She was with my hoe nigga
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