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That's How It Is


And I really miss*

It's a shame the way you're doin' me baby

It's a shame the way you do that

[Chorus: (2x)]

I wanna be with you boy, I need you in my life

I really miss you

It's a shame the way you doin' me baby

But I'm tryin' to handle biz and baby that's how it is

[Verse 1:]

Well, I'm the new kid on the block that rocks

But see it hasn't always been like that

Cause I remember back when

My mom was broke and I was bummy

They nicknamed me Donna

Cause every Summer I worked Hard For The Money

I scratched and I scrapped to get my raps straight

To be the best man

Wanted more, never less than

Eventually it paid off

I got paid

Money made off me when I bust

Made it possible to live plush

Just because I don't rob for loot that don't mean I

Have to wear suits like Mr. Bob Dobalina

You'll never see me go broke

No chance

I refuse to be a Jo Jo dancer

First I'll handle biz that's how it is

[Chorus: (2x)]

I wanna be with you boy, I need you in my life

I really miss you

It's a shame the way you doin' me baby

But I'm tryin' to handle biz and baby that's how it is

[Verse 2:]

Well one's for the money

Then two's when you should bet it on Ahmad

Cause I got more funk then Redman's ?

And +Crew's Pop+ but I'm no Younsta

So the funks away

I make my livin' and I'm driven

While brothers get drunk and stay bent I gotta pay rent

Just doin' what I can, the man

Like tomb rocks out of your boom box


Never gave up

Kept up my head, stopped

And gave it all got cause it counts

The way the balls bounce

Even when I didn't make tapes

I was the rapper with the soul check it

Now that I do

I'm that same rapper with a gold record

Ain't nothin' changed but the weather and it's still hot

Damn, now here's a list of what I still got

I still got my family and I still could get betta

I still got my homies and I still got my Jetta

A better man's me, to do the job cause I'm a veteran

Nod your head instead of my misses

Be amiss that's how it is

[Chorus: (2x)]

I wanna be with you boy, I need you in my life

I really miss you

It's a shame the way you doin' me baby

But I'm tryin' to handle biz and baby that's how it is

[Verse 3:]

I bust

This time I'm kickin' up dust because you won't hush

I gotta make dough but you don't hear me though

I hear you'd rather hoo ride

So you can shoo fly and just don't bother me

When I'm a star you'll be the first one to holler, We

Can do this

I did it way back like Michael Cooper and

You threw me out when we lived on Louis Lane

Now that I'm Superman

You be tryin' to ride all on my jock

Cause I rock

Like a Spin Doctor, but I guess you learn, like an intern


All play and no work is an antidote to stay broke

And I'll never have low income

Cause I want it all, and then some


Niggerette, see I figure that I get wreck

I'm on the road to riches in showbiz

That's how it is


I can't understand why you do me this way

I give you all my love each and every day

Don't want my love cause you're blowin' my mind

[Chorus: (2x)]

I wanna be with you boy, I need you in my life

I really miss you

It's a shame the way you doin' me baby

But I'm tryin' to handle biz and baby that's how it is

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