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The Bad Guy

You're all a bunch of fucking assholes

You know why?

'Cause you don't got the guts to be where you wanna be

Fabolous, he doesn't have that problem

He always tells the truth

That's what it's all about?

That's what we work so hard for fabolous?

So they can point their fuckin' fingers

And call me the fuckin' bad guy?

I guess I'm the bad guy

The fingers is pointin'

Nigga, I don't go in no clubs without bringin' my joint in

They be asking fellas why

It's cause the streets is watchin'

With an envious ear, jealous eye

You know how William H Bonnie's rockin'

I keep the home selling two way contact like Johnny Cochran

Be the same dudes, testing your patience

In them hospitals, resting like patients, confessing to agents

You smell me, you gotta spray the Wesson like fragrance

And you pay your way out arrests and arraignments

These playas been playin' foul

And I done learned my lesson with flagrants

Nigga, this how I live it ain't just entertainment

I'm what they been trying to do, not do

I'm the kid, they been lyin' to you

You need people like me

I'm so F A B O L O U S

Yeah, that's the bad guy

You need people like me

So you can point your fuckin' fingers

And say That's the bad guy

So, what they make you?


Bitches think all they gotta do is say the child is yours

Quit they job and live off the child support

How could you stand there, smile in court

I'ma just settle, fly back to them Cayman Isle resorts

You better sign a pre-nup

You catch me instead of 'it wasn't me'

I'm gonna say Where you get a key from?

I love the way your butt switches

But none of these slut bitches

Is worth me askin' my doctor why my nuts itches

If they see how the Rolls Royce smell

All day I be emptyin' my Inbox and my whole voicemail

I'll be ready to light the weed and pull it

Now every chick wanna make me come faster than a speeding bullet

But I ain't into coachin' birds like Tony La Russa

I done had the thickest chickens to the boniest roosters

Who have trouble gettin' the kid like me to spend

Ma you'll never see a bad guy like me again, for real

So say goodnight to the bad guy, come on

It's the last time you're gonna hear a bad guy flow like this guy now

You better make way, it's a bad guy coming through

Come on

What type of bad guy give fellas death, females hugs

I makin' my business, my kids won't have to retail drugs

I get threats over the two way from email thugs

I ride with ratchets, clips under the C.L rugs

Think I'm liking you? Wrong

'Cause even if I get locked

My money won't let me stay unrighteous for wrong

Case dismissed, the D.A even likin' the song

Right back to the P's, latest pair of Michael's shoes on

When you holla in the club it's cool

But don't change the subject fool

And start askin' if I remember you from public school

You know I done heard dozens, of these birds buzzin'

Talking 'bout I used to fuck with they third cousin

FYI, stay the fuck from 'round me

You good guys who wanna hear

Somebody stuck or clown me

I don't care what other haters do

But if you think I'm loved for savin' you

Say goodnight to the bad guy

Whoever said to us

Now maybe you can buy yourself

One of them first class tickets to the Resurrection

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