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The Girl With A Cruel Face

I met her out, walking

lost in the conversation and thought

she forgot nothing, but where I was

to let me bide easing

she paused with a wink, a nod, and a smile

I caught enough to miss her

at least not for a little while

and one day you'll find

I got just what i wanted here

in empty books and the baby hooks

with the names of the girl with the dull embrace

hey, hello, how are you

didn't we meet at a costume ball

she laughed, no, it's different, it was not

a dark alley pissing on a wall

that's when I knew we're meant to fall

and one day you'll find

I got just what I wanted here

some old soot and the vacant look

of the girls who just enjoy the chase

and so we talked to no one else

of premonitions come and gone

everything you know is wrong, she said

I know you know you're wrong, she said

let's go, I know the way to go

within, without

you're so lucky to let this out

and one day you'll find

I got just what I wanted here

a cracked rook on the highest roof

straining out at the girls I can't disgrace

I love you, I slipped and she began to come

she caught me watching, said I'm never far

couldn't even tell me you what want

she wanted what she wanted and I felt cold

I know I'm gone from someone

maybe I saw you kicking a can

leaning against the garbage to understand

why they're all boys and you're a man

I'm sure you begged them all to stop

staring at your noon stopwatch

and one day I'll find

I got just what I wanted here

a dull glare with the never there

of a girl with the gravity misplaced

she spoke in the lilt of insatiable chase

all vain glory and cruel face

all riddle rhymes I can't replace, not now

not ever with what I take

to my distaste her apathy hurt

and I was only trying to flirt

little still known of my fate

the oracle hung around like dead weight

and one day we all find

we get just what we wanted here

broken arms and some tarnished charms

of a jewel gone astray after a gate

so now it's time for questions

it's no answers and all smiles

pleasing and amusing as I

please for a little while

she said, let's go for a walk or picture show

one wish, honest

to wipe away the loneliness

I stopped by a river to take her in

she cursed out loud and pushed me in

now let's see if you'll sink or swim

I'll do what you can't do for them

I'll take you through all of it

the rumors and the lies and the bullshit

we'll wash away all our sin and grit

yours without and mine shoved in forever

and ever, always there, forever

and ever

and one day I'll find

she got just what she wanted here

the lazy looks and the things I took

from the ones who can't escape the fray

tied to a tree, trying to kiss her bold

trying to pry inside that soul

she turned her face as if to go

said there's, nowhere else to go

I know I love you

as simple as I'm sweet

she hissed, you know you know no love

that does not


and repeat

and repeat

and repeat

and repeat

and repeat

and repeat

and repeat

and repeat

and repeat

and repeat

and repeat

and repeat

and repeat

and repeat

and one day she'll find

I've got just what i wanted here

I wandered such for a little luck

from a girl who can not run the race

I am the girl of the bitter embrace

I am the girl you'll forever chase

with your loins burning, all eyes of hate

I'm pulling you up and out to place

what do you need, you don't even know

a sad lonely crane standing in the shallows

waiting for wind to blow

you've got it all wrong

I said, I fear

I see what you mean

and I hear what you hear

there is division in all that's at stake

but look at the beautiful crest of the wave i create

maybe someday I will tell the truth

when I find someone who wants the truth

maybe someday I will tell the truth

when I find someone who wants the truth

and one day I'll find

I got just what i wanted here

a lonely place with my mind erased

against the girl with the girl with the cruel face

hey, look out, there goes a girl

who watched me diving for my pearls

hey, look out, there goes a girl

a woman who watched me dive for my pearls

one kiss, honest

I thought I said I wanted this

one kiss, honest

I said I thought I wanted this

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