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You Can't Stop The Prophet
Jeru The Damaja

Oh yo look towards the darkness

Nah nah yo look towards the light

Yo what! Oh what the? Yo what is that?

It's a supernova

Nah nah man that's a black hoe

Yo yo yo

Yo it's it's it's

I leap over lies in a single pound

(Who are you?)

The black prophet

One day I got struck by knowledge of self

They gave me super scientifical powers

Now I, run through the ghetto

Battling my arch nemesis Mr. Ignorance

He's been trying to take me out since the days of my youth

He feared this day would come, I'm hot on his trail

But sometimes he slips away because he has an army

They always give me trouble

Mainly hatred, jealousy and envy they attack me

They think they got me

But I use my super science and I twist all three

I see sparks over that building, they're shooting at me

I dip, do a back flip

Then hit 'em in the heart with sharp skilled book marks

Ignorance hates when I drop it

But no matta what he do he can't stop the prophet.

Yo prophet, yo prophet, come here real quick

Yo I just saw Ignorance down town

Let me put you on. Word, he down there buggin'

He got them illing out, the shooting and everything

Let's continue the saga, mad, mad drama

I met this chick, she said she knew where Ignorance was at

I said where, she said downtown

He had babies having babies and young niggas selling crack

I think the bitch is lying it's a set up

I can smell it, but Ignorance is runnig rampid

‽Aight baby show me the exact spot

Meet me at quick and skimo on the 3 on the dot”

So I hops up on the A train, I'm being followed

My seventh sense senses danger

I turn around, it's Anger and he brought a mob along

It's the same old song

Despair and animosity got broke with the swiftness

I don't know what they think this is

I feel a sharp pain in my neck

Now I can't see on my hand

They hit me with the dart filled with the pork chops sim

I tried to hold on but before long I dropped

When I awoke I was locked in the barber's shop

Trapped in the barber's chair

Oh no, they're going to try and cut my hair

But that can't stop the prophet

Yo prophet,

Ignorance is tired of you following him around

We about to put end in out right now.

Animosity, despair, get him

(Can't a damn thing stop me)

A few minutes passed by I hear a buzzin' noise

It was that chick with some of Ignorance's boys

She said, ‽Prophet we got you beat

By the way I'm Ignorance's wife, Deceit”

But enough talk now for your hair cut

When the clippers touched my hair, they blew the fuck up

After the explosion there was no one left

'Cause I know them mob poison hair touch of death

My vision's still kinda blurry, but I see a clue

Ignorance is at the library

I hurry, with lightning speed like the flash

He's at the big one, on Grand, Army Plaz

When I get inside the doors shut and the lights go off

Damn another trap, I hear a hissing sound I smell a funny smell

I gasp, I can't breath

Ignorance is laughing at me, waiting on my down fall

But he can't stop the prophet

Well Prophet

It seems like you're in a bit of a jam

I hope you can unstick yourself, Oh

And what you did to my wife

It was nothing, I have others

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha

(The Saga Continues)

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